Shabbos links

Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg//Flicker user benchilada

  • It is now possible to get QR-codes linking to a memorial website engraved directly on a headstone (The Atlantic).  This story links to a great story, also in the Atlantic, about the changing technology of gravestone making.
  • Military chaplains, even those from conservative denominations, say the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” hasn’t changed much (Wash Po).
  • In response to Iranian VP’s comments that “there are no Zionist drug addicts” (because drugs are a Zionist plot), Tablet finds some Orthodox drug addicts.  This will be no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with Hella Winston’s book (before she was an award winning journalist covering the Haredi community, she got her PhD at CUNY)
  • The Boston Globe has a great summary of Duke economist Timur Kuran‘s latest book in their ideas section.  Unfortunately the Globe’s website is horrible ugly for non-subscribers.  Kuran argues that Muslim institutions (particularly those relating to inheritance, incorporation, lending, and interest) kept the Muslim world back economically, rather than colonial exploitation.   Max Weber, Revisited?
  • Fascinating profile of Liechtenstein’s domestic turmoil in Foreign Policy (Liechtenstein: population 30,000).  This time the Prince is threatening to leave if they alter his veto powers, but the last time the (very Catholic) Prince threatened to move to Vienna was a few years ago when the tiny country was considering legalizing abortion.

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