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2 Responses to “Shabbos links”
  1. Jerry says:

    Hi Shabbos, thanks for the mention, but just to clarify, I didn’t help design the survey. I was only the advisory panel. The Pew Research Center makes the final call on everything they publish and run.

    • JCB says:

      Sorry to have mischaracterized your relationship to the study, I have corrected the post. I’m a big fan of Black, White, and Gray, by the way, and was planning on sharing your latest post sometime this week if all goes according to schedule, though so far with this blog, nothing has. Regardless, I’ve certainly appreciated your commentary on the Pew study.

      -Jared (“Shabbos” isn’t my name; it’s just the Ashkenazi pronunciation of “Shabbat”/”the Sabbath”. It’s common for observant [Ashkenazi] Jews in Israel and America to continue to use the traditional Eastern European pronunciation, rather than the modern one based on a Sephardi standard. “Gut Shabbos”>”Shabbat shalom” in many Orthodox communities). More about me here.

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