Jokes, Group Dynamics, and “Thick” and “Thin” Religion

I have managed to come back to America, safely, but have been six cities in the past two weeks (Kayseri, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, New York, Boston, San Diego), and am traveling more or less constantly until school restarts after Labor Day (September 3rd, for your non-Americans).  I have several half written posts that I’ll try … Continue reading

Names, Property, and Other Things Worth Arguing About

The Vatican and Lima’s archbishop feel that Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) is not sufficiently Catholic or Pontifical, and the administrators of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru feel that the Church should mind its own damn business. But is that all it’s about?

The Smart Alecs at the Economist

Put positively, the writers at the Economist have a very high esteem for their readers. To put it negatively, the writers love to point out how much they know (and never allow the implication to stand that there is something these lads don’t know). Plus: the origins of the phrase “smart alec”.

Mitt Romney, Muslim Conspiracy Theories, and the Many Ways to Read a Poll

Which is more newsworthy: idiots still thinking Barack Obama is a Muslim or idiots still thinking Mormonism will make Mitt Romney a bad President? Turns out, it depends on where you write.