Slow restart


Somethings are just too good not to share.  This is one of the best ledes to a story I’ve ever read :

Sudan has been doing some saber-rattling in the general direction of Israel since a weapons factory in Sudan was mysteriously bombed. Earlier this week, the Yarmouk complex, a state-owned weapons manufacturing complex in Khartoum and potentially a great name for a novel, met with an unfortunate accident when, according to Sundanese officials, four planes bombed it to pieces.

Full Story: The Most Israeli Answer to a Question Ever.

An AP photo used under fair use?

For those who are curious, Israeli answer is part of a strategic policy of deliberate ambiguity.  This of course is different from the tactical policies of deliberate ambiguity I’ve been following in the U.S. presidential campaign, in that yes, everyone knows that Israel bombed this factory and has nuclear weapons, and no, no one knows what Mitt Romney would do for the economy besides cut taxes and raise military spending or what Obama might do with his “flexibility“.

Since my last blog entry, I’ve been mostly just thinking about 1. grants 2. this one girl omgosh lol 3. my own research 4. domestic politics 5. the social scene in my department, but I’m hoping to slowly restart blogging since the last grant of the fall is due November 7th.  The great Chris Blattman has mainly been sharing short quips recently and, for consistent blogging, maybe it’s a model worth emulating.



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