Anarchists and Academics

James C. Scott has a new book called Two Cheers for Anarchism. What would a reading list for an anarchist informed course called “The Art of Not Being Governed” look like in the social sciences? Unofficial title would be “Say Fuck No to Rules, Man.”.


The Depths of North Korea and the Limits of Words

“One challenge I always have when I speak about North Korea is I run out of adjectives for how bad things are […] And the challenge with North Korea in particular is that things are so bad on such a scale and scope that it sounds fake. It sounds unfathomable, it’s impossible to really comprehend […] To go through that much risk, whatever you’re escaping from back home has to be pretty bad. Extraordinarily bad. Far worse than whatever you’re facing to get out of that place. So North Korea is that thing. It is that bad.”

“What If” Questions, Bond Villains, and Depressing Data about Durable Inequalities

A look at what if questions: What if Yoda were real, how much energy could he produce with the Force? What if James Bond villains’ schemes a) succeeded and b) happened in the real world? What if racism disappeared, how long would it take for blacks and whites to be equal?

Romney Tattoo

I thought was worth reposting  this Scatterplot post by Jeremey Freese (professor and chair at Northwestern’s Sociology Department) in its entirety because, well, it’s pretty amazing. in appreciation Summary from the Daily Beast: “I’m the guy who has egg all over his face,” Eric Hartsburg tells Politico. “But instead of egg, it’s a big Romney/Ryan … Continue reading

Sociology and Actually Existing Cloaks of Invisibility

There’s news that allegedly the “first functional invisibility cloak” has been developed by a lab at Duke University.  (side note: umm AWESOME!)  While I’ll leave the scientific details of the “functional invisibility cloak” part of that claim to more qualified people, it is an opportune moment to share a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic which give … Continue reading