About the Blog

I write blog posts like I tell stories: in spirals of vaguely connected ideas.  Nu, deal with it or don’t.  This blog is broadly focused on religion, particularly how it intersects with other social, political, cultural, and economic thingies. I write about religion as a very general category:  the great “world religions” (for an explanation of why that term is stupid, read Tomoko Masuzawa’s book), smaller religions and religious movements (things like Mormonism, Yazidism, Scientology, Cao Dai, and the Amish), as well as “folk beliefs” (including things like zombies and voodoo, which some idiots try to separate out completely from “real religion”), all as the mood strikes me.  Sometimes a post’s not about religion at all.  It’s definitely not about “my own personal journey” or “what the scriptures teach”, as most blogs dealing with religion tend to be.  This blog is my semi-professional blog so something may be academic, but for real, I try to keep it interesting.

There are a few categories on the side, let me clarify them a little:

  • Substantive” means I think this blog this post is always relevant, far beyond this news cycle.  They’re usually connecting several ideas in a way that I think is interesting.  Also, these will always have a good picture on them.  These are longer and take longer to write.  They are also my favorites, generally.
  • Quick comment”s are primarily based on a one or two subjects.  They may be long or short.  Some may be always be non-time specific (” Jokes, Group Dynamics, and ‘Thick’ and ‘Thin’ Religion”) and almost like substantive articles, some might involve a trending story of the week (“Romney Tattoo”)
  • Reflections Eternal” generally involve more biography than other categories.  They are at times longer, but not general enough to be worth reading in substantive.
  • “Shabbos links” are a category I used to have, and may reintroduce, that just had cool links that I posted sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday night (the Jewish Shabbath).

This WordPress theme demands I have a specific category that shows up at the big picture on the front page.  I decided I wanted to have one big front page article and the rest of it be like the metro section.  But I also like it, because you should be able to go, late at night comforted from the glow of your computer screen, from substantive article to substance article.  The other categories are ad hoc and may not be worth keeping.

I try to follow certain Jewish religio-typographical conventions, such as not writing out a name of G-d and putting  ZT”L after the names of dead rabbis.  I reserve the right to edit posts after they’re published, especially for grammar, clarity, brain farts, and other minor corrections.  I try not to be wrong and I try not to be a jackass.  Those can wait until after tenure.