About Me

Being outdoors is a summer luxury for graduate students.  Bonus points if you can identify this religio-nationalist site//photo by Liran.

I, Jared Conrad-Bradshaw (“JCB”), am currently a sociology graduate student at Columbia University.  My undergraduate degree is in religious studies from the University of Chicago (“where fun comes to die“).   I’m originally from outside of Boston, and have also lived in Indonesia, the UK, Austria, and Turkey.  I like studying religions.  I like talking politics like other people like talking about sports.  For the next two or three years, I’m back and forth between New York and Turkey.

Most of my academic interests focus around religion and politics, broadly defined.  My main field-research is about everyday religion in Turkey, and this fall I hope to start a small, entirely separate project about civil society organizations in North American Haredi (“Ultra-Orthodox Jewish”) communities (update: this project is indefinitely on hold).  My archival and secondary document-based research interests tend to be broader and comparative–things like the dependency of nationalism on bureaucracy, the relationship between state definitions of “religion” and religious freedom, and the (quite frankly awful) term “fundamentalism”.   I also like long walks on the beach, but only when I can roll up my jeans and wade in the water.

My (quite possibly out-of-date) Columbia bio webpage is here.  My “professional” email is jcb2212 (at) columbia (point) edu.  Please feel free to get in touch.