Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet: Andrew Greeley

Andrew Greeley, a priest, sociologist, novelist, public intellectual, lifelong Chicagoan, and all around gadfly, is dead after a long and productive life.


Anarchists and Academics

James C. Scott has a new book called Two Cheers for Anarchism. What would a reading list for an anarchist informed course called “The Art of Not Being Governed” look like in the social sciences? Unofficial title would be “Say Fuck No to Rules, Man.”.

The Smart Alecs at the Economist

Put positively, the writers at the Economist have a very high esteem for their readers. To put it negatively, the writers love to point out how much they know (and never allow the implication to stand that there is something these lads don’t know). Plus: the origins of the phrase “smart alec”.

Actually Learn a Language for Free

Duolingo is really, really cool.