Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet: Andrew Greeley

Andrew Greeley, a priest, sociologist, novelist, public intellectual, lifelong Chicagoan, and all around gadfly, is dead after a long and productive life.


“What If” Questions, Bond Villains, and Depressing Data about Durable Inequalities

A look at what if questions: What if Yoda were real, how much energy could he produce with the Force? What if James Bond villains’ schemes a) succeeded and b) happened in the real world? What if racism disappeared, how long would it take for blacks and whites to be equal?

Zombies, the Middle Passage, and the future of Detroit

What is hot in both revisionist victorian fiction and international relations? What does one man think can help economically blighted neighborhoods in America’s urban core? What survived the traumas of slavery? Zombies… and they’re real.

Nuclear Waste, Warnings, Symbols, and the Next 10,000 Years

Nuclear waste remains dangerous for thousands and thousands of years. What do we do with it? Our best idea is to bury it. But how can we make sure it stays buried long after we’re gone?

If not now, when?

My friends are officially tired of me sending random emails. My colleague Elif suggested, nay, demanded that I start a blog, pretty much explicitly so that I would no longer email her random links that I’d found. So, in lieu of writing anything substantial, I’ve just found a few appropriate quotations.