Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet: Andrew Greeley

Andrew Greeley, a priest, sociologist, novelist, public intellectual, lifelong Chicagoan, and all around gadfly, is dead after a long and productive life.


“What If” Questions, Bond Villains, and Depressing Data about Durable Inequalities

A look at what if questions: What if Yoda were real, how much energy could he produce with the Force? What if James Bond villains’ schemes a) succeeded and b) happened in the real world? What if racism disappeared, how long would it take for blacks and whites to be equal?

Sociology and Actually Existing Cloaks of Invisibility

There’s news that allegedly the “first functional invisibility cloak” has been developed by a lab at Duke University.  (side note: umm AWESOME!)  While I’ll leave the scientific details of the “functional invisibility cloak” part of that claim to more qualified people, it is an opportune moment to share a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic which give … Continue reading